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Hospice care is appropriate when a patient has reached the final phases of a terminal illness. The decision to choose hospice should be made by the patient and family with the input of a physician. When patients choose hospice, they are making the decision to forego extreme curative measures in favor of comfort care, pain management and support for both patient and family. The patient must agree to hospice care.

Open and frank discussion about treatment options should be held throughout the course of the illness. Hospice Select can assist in the discussion with the physician.

A physician must certify that a hospice patient has a terminal illness and an estimated life expectancy of six months or less if the illness runs its normal course.

Occasionally, hospice care can lead to improved life expectancy. When this happens we will transfer care to a non-hospice care provider. Later, when patients become eligible for hospice again, they can re-elect the hospice benefit.

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